Surf's Up! But Blood Sugar is Down

This is Conel Freeman-Harrison, a 14 year-old diabetic surfer and insulin pump wearer. I flew up to Newcastle earlier this week and photographed him on his local beach at Tynemouth, a picturesque spot that dispelled any thoughts I had of it being grim in the North East. I didn't actually say that but his mum Fiona noted my surprise at how nice it was. Conel was a real star, a good surfer with a cool and relaxed attitude, especially to his mum giving him sugar when his blood glucose got low. Here's some words of wisdom from Conel......

Hello, I'm Conel Freeman-Harrison. I go to Whitley Bay High School and I surf at Tynemouth Longsands using a 5'10" Bic Fish board. I only began surfing 3 years ago and have had 3 lessons with pro surfer Jesse Davis. My diabetes does not really get in the way of my surfing other than my mum asking me to keep hypo-fit up the sleeve of my wetsuit. It has never stopped me doing anything I want to do and I do not think it ever will. When I'm older I would like to be a Marine Biologist, giving me a good reason to surf where I work."