Dog Of The Week

This week's dog of the week is urban super dog, Pandora. She is a Border Collie, German Shepard cross who recently retired from her sheepdog job in Wales and now lives in Camden where she has quickly adapted to her new urban environment, regularly swimming from her home down The Regents Canal to Kings Cross where I got this shot of her.



The Onesie

It’s hard to avoid the onesie these days, believe me I’ve tried my best. This was once something known as the snuggle suit and relegated amongst the many other comfortable but not all fashionable items at the back of Sunday Supplements. I’m slowly trying understand them and having just done a shoot with some,  I’ve seen that they created some genuine excitement in the models, including Matt here. Don't worry, I won't be wearing one anytime soon, they can actually look ok on young folk, but definitely not on middle aged men.


My man Festo who lives in the Naguru slum of Kampala, Uganda. Like my son Billy, he's 9 years old and is in a class of nearly all girls but unlike Billy he lives in extreme poverty, has no father, is small and malnourished and unable to see his 3 younger siblings who live miles away with his grandmother because his mother cannot afford to keep them. He helped carry my gear and keep his mates in order while I was there on a shoot last year. I now help out by sending a few quid every month to help pay for his education and give him a little bit more of a chance in his difficult life.

Lights, Camera, Action!

I'm proud to announce that I've just moved into my new studio, within the Tunbridge Wells headquarters of creative communications and international marketing agency Red & Green. So now I'm set-up for studio portraits and still lives as well as my usual location portraits and reportage.

Two Men And Their Dogs

Apprentice shepherd, 14 year old Olly Russell with his neighbour and mentor 84 year old John on his farm in Flintshire, North Wales. Olly who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, has his own flock of sheep, drives a Land Rover, manages his dogs, goes to school as well as tirelessly helping John throughout the recent lambing season.