A favourite picture from a few years ago of my children playing with some friends. Finding this has given me some much needed inspiration to take more pictures of my family.

The Van Man

This is a nice nice little shoot I did for Buzzfeed of Jonny Bush, an architecture student at Kent University in Canterbury, who saves money by living on campus in his van which he converted to have a cosy wood burner and run off eco-fuel.


A baby hedgehog from The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service. They have been in the news this week because wildlife rescue centres are struggling to cope with the number of undernourished hedgehogs being brought to them, as winter sets in. At this time of year, a normal hedgehog should weigh around 500g, but some wildlife centres in England are taking in hogs weighing just 100g. Experts believe that the milder weather has led to later births, and these hedgehogs are too young and small to be able to survive winter hibernation.