Respect For The Rap Don

This is south London born and bred, Mercury award-nominated rapper, Ty. He's had type 1 diabetes for 4 years, and as well as happily volunteering to be one of my diabetic portraits, he didn't bat an eyelid when I asked him to do a little performance on a high wall above  Regents Canal near his Kings Cross rehearsal studio. Known for being provocative and deep as well as mellow and accessible, Ty is highly respected in British hip-hop and known as the rap don. Ty says....

Before I was diagnosed I was having a real slump .... highly uninterested, tired lazy and generallly a sore bear to deal with, then when it all came on top  and it emerged that I was diabetic, I thought my life  had ended. That's because I live to perform, I live to express myself, and through performance I have achieved a relative amount of respect for being ''energetic"

I thought it had all come to an end!! But it hasn't, I'm  a type one diabetic. All I needed to do was readjust and learn to do a few things that seem like ordinary things now... .. take my injections ,read my blood sugars and watch what I eat!!! My world had not ended  it just changed a little!!! I still have a ball on stage and will continue to do so!!

More about Ty here: http://www.tymusic.co.uk/