The Circus Strong Man

This is Andy Cross, diabetic prison officer and body builder. We stumbled upon a circus while location scouting in Milton Keynes for his shot, the ideal backdrop for his strong man pose. Andy is super-active and a real life tough guy, this is what he says about himself.....

" I've had type 1 Diabetes for 24 years and to be honest its not stopped me from doing anything. I have been a Prison Officer for the last 7 years, as for my spare time I have been in the British squad for Karate and came 2nd in the british championships for Tang Soo Do. I am now into road cycling and last year completed a ride from HMP Dartmoor to HMP Woodhill where I work as a prison officer, raising money for Diabetes UK covering 205 miles in 12 hrs 10 mins. I also have been combining the cycling with bodybuilding, strange mix I know !!!! I train with weights 4 times a week and cycle at least 4 times a week too. Of course with any physical activity I used to suffer with hypo's during this but since being on the pump this has been reduced greatly."