The Shame Of Cocaine

Joe Calzaghe, retired undefeated boxing champ and sport's personality of the year, was on the front page of yesterday's News Of The World under the headline, "Calzaghe Cocaine Shame". He's the latest celeb to fall for an undercover scoop, admitting in a hotel room with a glass of champagne in his hand that he uses the class A drug. Not only that, he went on to describe the varying quality of the drug, how much to pay for it and "please don't tell my dad" . Poor Joe, Strictly star and world boxing hero, didn't you think it was a bit odd that you were being plied with drink and asked about your drug habit by a stranger in a hotel suite? Anyway, he's proved he  isn't "the sharpest tool in the sandwich box" but he is probably the best British boxer ever, and it's not surprising that he'd turn to artificial highs after having what are probably the biggest natural ones there are. I took this picture of him a couple of years ago in happier and more focussed times.