Real Life Portraits

Robin And Sue

photocrati galleryThis is Robin and Sue McGibbon who I photographed  last week to go with a story about the recent death of their beloved dog, Abby. Robin takes up the story......

My wife, Sue, and I agreed for James to photograph us for the Daily Mail, as part of our campaign to outlaw an anti-inflammatory drug, Carprofen, which led to the death of our black Labrador, Abby. She was given the drug by Tender Paws, in West Wickham, Kent, to ease arthritis, but, after just four tablets, developed the most distressing side-effects and, sadly, had to be put to sleep a few days later. We won't rest until the drug is banned.

The Big Picture

It's always exciting to see your own pictures out there being looked at in the public domain. This, at least double life-sized version, is my biggest so far. It's geordie surfer Conel Freeman who was one of the models for my diabetic portraits exhibition, the picture, among others of mine is now being used as part of the re-branding campaign for Diabetes UK, here it is on show at a recent health charity conference. Let's get the next one on the side of a bus!


More about Conel and that picture here:

Compassion For Elizabeth

photocrati galleryA pic of mine in an ad for Compassion Sunday which is a day when churches in the US promote the Compassion charity and encourage people to sponsor deprived children from around the world. Elizabeth who features here was the star of my recent trip to Guatemala. She is 11 years old , lives in a tin shack and takes care of her 3 younger mal-nourished siblings and disabled father. She is sponsored through Compassion by  a lady from Colorado Springs also called Elizabeth who sends her about $30 per month which helps to make her very tough life a little bit easier. You can see it in full here as well as the video that was shot of the two Elizabeths on the same trip I was on.

Oswald Pike

From awkward rock legends to pensioners with bed sores, that's the way we roll at The James Clarke Photography Blog.

This is Oswald Pike of Worthing, West Sussex who I shot for The Daily Mail. He suffered from a horrific 6cm deep bed sore he got from a short stay in his local hospital that resulted in over a year's treatment that is still ongoing. He also had a particularly grim story about being left in a toilet for two and a half hours. Although he has trouble moving around and uses walking poles to get around his flat, he was a happy soul who regaled me with stories of previous work with Burberry and travel in The Congo. He was also keen to tell me about his new girlfriend. Good to meet you Ossie and good luck with everything.

Compassion People

A few pictures from my recent trip to the US. These were all quick, 2 minute portraits of people who took part in The Compassion Convention in Colorado Springs last month. Most are church pastors and  all are advocates of the supremely worthy Compassion charity which works through american churches finding people to sponsor children in developing countries. Not being a god believing person, it was fascinating to meet people with such strong religious convictions, They had really good teeth and were actually very nice. photocrati gallery

The Ladies Of Trouser Mountain

photocrati gallery These are a couple of test shots for an exhibition idea on charity shop volunteers. Norma is the seated manager and Laura who is standing and dwarfed by a pile of unwanted garments is one of her many able volunteers. This is the backstage sorting room at Oxfam in Tunbridge Wells where they go through tons of unwanted clothes, toys and various household goods and decide what is and isn't worth moving downstairs to the shop. In these recessionary times, the charity shop continues to thrive and in my opinion is far more worthy of a visit than all the usual high street names that are more popular with looters. Watch this space for more on charity shopping and their volunteer workers.