London Rent Survivors

How do young people survive in London with rent being so high? asked me to shoot 3 case studies of people who use some ingenuity to get round paying out massive amounts in rent....

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, 26, PhD student and teacher

"About a year ago I bought Toad Hall from some friends. Before that I lived in a flat in zone 3, but couldn't afford to do anything so I would just sit at home. With the boat it's the opposite, I'm out all the time and I've even been able to go on holiday for the first time in a long while." 

Emily Sanne (left), 25, data executive in Mile End, East London.

"I share a four-bed house with five friends, including my bed mate Erin. Even our friends had their doubts about us bed sharing at first, but they are totally on board with it, now they see how well it works. Our room is in the basement and there isn’t a lot of space as we have two of everything plus a double bed".

Oscar Thompson, 26, painter/decorator, various campsites in South London and beyond.

"I first decided to buy a campervan to run away and join a commune. I really liked waking up and walking straight outside into a green environment first thing in the morning. When that dream fizzled out, I moved back to the capital where I’ve found having the van really useful when money is tight and I’m between rents"