Aladdin Sane Rehearsal

It was an honour to be asked by Kevin Armstrong, Iggy Pop's guitarist, to capture a few moments from a rehearsal for the upcoming Aladdin Sane Bowie tour.  The tour features most of Iggy Pop's band and the original Aladdin Sane pianist, Mike Garson, it was a warm up before further rehearsals with Mike next week. The band is: Kevin Armstrong (Iggy Pop, David Bowie) - guitar, Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey) - sax/guitar, Matt Hector(Iggy Pop) - drums, Ben Ellis(Iggy Pop) - bass and Gillian Glover - vocals.


RIP Sir Peter

Sorry to hear of the Death of Sir Peter Hall. I shot this for The Times in 2009 and was later asked to print it for his wife Nikki who had it framed for their office wall. It was a pleasure to take his photo, such a characterful face and mischievous smile.